General Technology International Corporation (hereinafter called GTI) is a Taiwan based company. Since 2003, starting with precision Machining process, GTI has developed a comprehensive manufacturing capacity of metal & non-metal products manufacturing, Inspection and Assembly process.

GTI is a lean company. The owners and / or the staffs had been working in Aerospace, Automotive or Bike industries for one or two decades. We are working flexibly with customers on the basis of our technical knowledge and discipline trained from our previous careers. We won customers’ trust through working together with customers for a long time. At GTI, we always try to provide thoughtful and reliable services to our customers in order to meet their needs.

If you are looking for a reliable and qualified Metal or Non-metal parts manufacturer in Asia, GTI is here for you. If it is difficult for you to find a qualified manufacturing source in our field in Asia, the lean company of GTI absolutely is the right candidate for you.

Policy Statements for Quality

To improve quality endlessly
To serve with our reliable specialties
To satisfy customers’ expectations
To become a company of sustainable development